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Shipping Notice

by KimBaekHwa 22 Oct 2023
Shipping Notice

* Shipping & Handling Time / Estimated Delivery Time

- Our Shipping & Handling Time for most items is 1-3 days.
- Standard Shipping(Korea Post Office): 2-4 weeks (It could take 4-8 weeks if customs clearance and import duty check caused delays)
- Express Shipping(FedEx) : 3-7 days (It could take more than 1 weeks if customs clearance and import duty check caused delays)
- A tracking number will be provided on the order form, allowing you to track the shipment.

* The closer the weight of the order to 20kg, the lower the shipping cost per product.
(For example, in the US, 1kg shipping costs about $20, but 10kg shipping costs about $69 ($6.9 per kg)

*  For standard shipping, In some U.S. states and some countries, there may be instances where tracking information is not provided by the destination country, making it difficult to confirm delivery completion. Please keep this in mind.

* For countries where ordering is not available, please inquire.

* If you refuse to receive it without paying customs duties, the remainder of the amount excluding the round-trip shipping cost will be refunded.

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